Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead (c16)

Chapter 16: Rescued

It was last time’s imperial physician again.  He was just about to get off his shift and leave the palace before being dragged hurriedly by the Virtuous Consort’s servant into Bi’xiao palace. Seeing A’Bao, full of wounds and barely holding on to his last breath, the physician gasped in a cold breath of air.

With just look it was clear that these wounds are from a brutal beating by someone. His entire body didn’t have any place without wounds, his ear had a huge cut, whether his hearing is impaired still has to wait until he wakes, the nails on his four paws were mostly gone, blood covered most of his body, numerous parts of his tail were broken… in just almost two months he was hurt three times, and each time worse than before. This puppy is beyond just having a hard life, he practically has been cursed!

The imperial physician carefully cut away A’Bao’s fur on his whole body and applied medication to his numerous wounds, contemplating to himself.

Moving her fingers to A’Bao’s nose to try to feel for breathing, Meng Sangyu’s asked pale-faced, “Physician, how is A’Bao’s condition?”

“Your Ladyship, A’Bao’s body has a total of thirty-seven exterior wounds, his tail has been completely broken, whether his hearing and sense of smell has been impaired still cannot be determined. Your Ladyship will have to test it when he awakens, clapping next to his ear, putting food beneath his nose and the like.  There also is an interior wound in his stomach area, he will need to take half a month of medication to rehabilitate.” The imperial physician wrote down the medication recipe while reporting A’Bao’s condition.  He then handed the recipe to an eunuch to grab the ingredients.

Meng Sangyu’s face became paler and paler as she listened.  When she sent off the imperial physician her forehead was already dripping in cold sweat.  Such heavy wounds, if she had gotten there just a moment later A’Bao would undoubtedly die!  Removing the blanket covering A’Bao’s body, seeing his body all purple and blue, filled with large and small wounds, her expression was blank.  It took a while before the repeating stabbing pain in her heart spread throughout her body.  It’s just raising a dog, why is even this so hard?

Emperor Zhou’wu woke up at just this moment.  His front paw twitched a little and he slowly opened his eyes.  On his eye lid was a small cut, when he moved there was a stinging pain.  Emperor Zhou’wu could not help but grunt at the pain.

Hearing the weak whimper, Meng Sangyu held her breath.  She didn’t dare even blink her eyes at the little thing in the basket.  Seeing that he had really awaken, she first gave a sigh of relief, then her face immediately darkened.

“You little rascal, you finally woke up!” Meng Sangyu suddenly heavily slapped the table, giving Bi Shui and the others a scare.  In the basket, A’Bao also shivered.

Good, his hearing hasn’t been affected! Meng Sangyu’s clenched heart slightly relaxed, but she then again quickly put on a even stricter expression.  She angrily scolded, “Do you know that you almost died outside today? Huh? What have I thought you? How many times have I told you don’t run around, don’t run around! You never listen! You have to get hurt before you get it huh? The darkness and dirtiness of this palace is something you could never imagine! Being drowned, getting stoned, getting stepped on, these are all nothing! There are scarier things!  Some of these mad people just love getting their hands on small animals like you.  They’ll lift you high up and throw you down, shave your entire body, break your four legs, cut off your ears and tails, even cut off your little dick, and when you’ve become just a dog stick, they’ll break you in half, pull out your intestines and choke your neck with them! Do you want to die like this? Huh? If you want to I won’t worry about you anymore! Run wherever you want!”

She scolded as she slapped the table, Bi Shui and the others were already pale from her detailed description, wanting to puke.  Heavens, where did Her Ladyship learn these things? How scary! Getting dicks cut off? Dog stick? How crude!

Emperor Zhou’wu stared dumbstruck at Meng Sangyu’s face full of anger. Besides his ears sounded all her descriptions that were at the epitome of disgusting.  He didn’t know why, but he didn’t think she was crude or inelegant at all.  Instead, he thought she was lively and incredibly cute.

How nice, being able to see this woman again!  Emperor Zhou’wu wanted to laugh out loud and wag his tail, but as soon as he moved his body he was in extreme pain.  His tail was broken, and now it was wrapped into the size of a roller.

“Your Ladyship don’t scold him anymore, A’Bao’s already crying!” Nurse Feng couldn’t help but pity the poor thing, she pointed at the tears that unstoppably rolled down the corners of A’Bao’s eyes.

This was just a biological reaction to the pain, but it was too bad Meng Sangyu didn’t know that.  Seeing A’Bao’s slightly lifted head, his large black eyes pitifully looking at herself full of reliance and attachment, large drops of tears hanging in his eyes, her heart softened at his pitiful appearance.

“What are you crying for! Remember this time well! Don’t run off again! See if I don’t break your dog legs!” Meng Sangyu lifted her hand, as if to hit A’Bao, but when her hand dropped she gently wiped away the tears in A’Bao’s eyes.  This harsh on the outside but soft on the inside appearance was adorable.

Emperor Zhou’wu gave a sly little laugh, but the sounds he made were cute whimpers.  He licked one of the woman’s fingers in his mouth carefully outlining it before unwillingly letting go a long while after.

“Looks like he’s hungry.  Yin Cui, bring out A’Bao’s porridge, I’ll feed him.” Meng Sangyu rubbed her forehead, and frustrated but helplessly waved her hand at Yin Cui.  Raising a dog is like raising a kid, you can never stop worrying!

Yin Cui bowed her knees and heeded.  Soon, a hot steaming bowl of minced chicken porridge was brought up to the table.  Meng Sangyu first laid a soft cotton napkin below A’Bao’s neck, then blew and carefully brought the porridge to A’Bao’s mouth one spoonful at a time.

Emperor Zhou’wu cooperatively opened his mouth and licked the spoon clean.  The warm porridge immediately warmed his stomach, in addition warming his heart.  He realized, only by this woman’s side did he feel the most comfortable and relaxed.  Those nightmarish experiences quickly paled away under the woman’s gentle and warm comforting.

“You’re more obedient when you eat.” Meng Sangyu sighed as she removed the clean napkin below A’Bao’s neck and tucked him in his blanket.

“Don’t worry Your Ladyship, after going through so much A’Bao will learn to be good for sure.  It’s just too bad that his fur now completely shaved off.  Now that he’s naked, he’s even uglier than before!” Nurse Feng voice had a hint of dissatisfaction.

“A mother doesn’t think her child’s ugly*. You won’t even be able to tell if he wears some clothes on top. Furthermore, he’ll grow new fur in two months and it’ll definitely be even prettier than before.” Meng Sangyu’s mood took a turn as she comforted A’Bao, tapping the tip of his little nose.

We are your husband, not your son! If you want to raise a son, just give birth to a few for us in the future! Emperor Zhou’wu’s forehead was filled with wrinkles, he pawed at the woman’s fingers with his thickly wrapped front paws.

Nurse Feng, Bi Shui, Yin Cui giggled at their master’s joking note.  Master is always like this, no matter how hard, she still can calmly carry herself as normal.  She never gets wrapped up in misfortune and pain from her hardships.

“I will definitely get payback for A’Bao’s injuries this time.  I haven’t even entirely lost favor yet and there’s already people stepping on my head; we won’t even be able to get by in the future!” Meng Sangyu furrowed her brow.  She waved at Bi Shui, “Go and repeat what I said before to the empress to Noble Consort Li.  Let her know who exactly is her real enemy.  Since Shen Huiru wants to drag me into the water, I’m not going to let things go as she wants. Noble Consort Li learned from Minister Li; if we talk about scheming, few women in this inner palace can beat her at it.  She’s completely on a different level from straight-forward people like the empress!  If Shen Huiru want’s to fight Noble Consort Li for that seat, she better be careful of falling to far down!”

Bi Shui heeded, picked some gifts and headed to Feng’luan Palace.

Meng Sangyu looked to Yin Cui, she ordered, “Go find a way to pass by the words the fourth princess used to warn the second prince to the His Majesty’s ears. His Majesty doesn’t intend for the second prince to sit on that seat, now that he has a reason to make a move, he’ll use it well. Although I never hurt kids, but such a cruel little rascal needs to be taught a lesson after all!”

Her Ladyship is indeed incredibly angered, even admonishing a prince! Yin Cui shook her head, then left to do her task.

Emperor Zhou’wu took a deep look at Meng Sangyu.  It’s the first time he’s tasted what it feels like to be protected by someone.  As for her using “little rascal,” all he’s going to say is that he completely didn’t hear it.

“Your Ladyship, A’Bao was tossed at our door by the fourth princess…” Nurse Feng couldn’t help but remind her.

Emperor Zhou’wu thought that Nurse Feng wanted to cause trouble and lifted his head up immediately, boring a killing glare onto her.

“I know.  Nurse, in a moment take the two rolls of silk his majesty gave me to the fourth princess. The color is bright enough, perfect for a little girl.  Oh, and a while before, the box of handkerchiefs I embroidered, the fourth princess will definitely like it.” Meng Sangyu’s eyes expressed pity for the child as she sighed, “This child is young after all.  Furthermore she doesn’t have a mother to teach her, it’s unavoidable that her actions are a bit lacking in thought. She saved A’Bao, but then threw him in front of my palace doors.  For someone who doesn’t understand might even think that she was picking a fight and even hold a grudge.  But you can’t blame her, in her heart, I’m her mother’s killer…”

Rubbing her temples, Meng Sangyu couldn’t think of a way to untangle the misunderstanding between her and the fourth princess.  Nurse Feng tried to comfort her then left to go to the storage.

Emperor Zhou’wu who was worried conflict would arise between his wife and daughter could finally relax now.  He squinted his eyes and smiled, falling into deep sleep.  His entire body was relaxed and comforted now that he has returned to Meng Sangyu’s side.  Even his wounds didn’t seem to hurt anymore.

In Feng’luan palace, after sending away Bi Shui, Noble Consort Li’s head female maid asked in a low voice, “Your Ladyship, do you believe her words?”

Noble Consort Li waved her hand without a clear meaning. She contemplated to herself before giving out a long sigh, “We can’t not believe it, but we can’t entirely believe it either!”

She had already thought it was strange that the Gracious Consort had suddenly gained such favor.  In combination with the various signs from before and the Virtuous Consort’s current awkward position, she immediately believed about 60 to 70 percent of it.  If so, even more reason that she can’t hold back against the Gracious Consort and the Shen family!  Just with the Gracious Consort’s place in the His Majesty’s heart, if she were to have a child, then would she and her child even have a place to stand in this inner palace?

On the other end, before Yin Cui even managed to pass the message to the emperor’s ears, Shen Huiru already couldn’t wait and gave the plan a push.  Yin Cui sensed some movement and quickly gave up her plan.  The emperor quizzed the second prince on his studies on the spot, the second prince couldn’t answer any of the questions, the emperor was outraged and scolded him, saying that he didn’t focus on important things, had a wicked personality, and could not handle responsibility.

At this important time of establishing an empress and heir apparent, to scold the second prince in such a way, the emperor was clearly telling everyone he was not satisfied with the second prince.  Although the retainers wanted to curry favor with Minister Li, they also had to look at the emperor’s expression. Although the emperor is young, but his political strategies are not weak.  As soon as he took the throne he already kicked out several long standing families, again mixing up the previous emperor’s setup, making the retainers of different parties balance the power and centralizing imperial power.  Soon after, he gave up the previous emperor’s reliance on scholars and switched to focusing on military.  He began using the Meng family again, increased military power, abolished alliance marriages, and used full power to fight against the barbarians.

After a few years, what kind of heights would this Emperor Zhou’wu have grown to? How could the retainers not be afraid? With this, as soon as word got out from the palace, many retainers quieted down.

When Noble Consort Li discovered that the Gracious Consort was behind this, her body shivered in anger.  Ever since, she held a deep hatred, hating that she couldn’t get rid of her immediately.

Translation Notes

*A mother doesn’t think her child’s ugly.
Original: 母不嫌儿丑 [Mu Bu Xian Er Chou]
Explanation: This is a play on the saying “儿不嫌母丑, 狗不嫌家贫” [Er Bu Xian Mu Chou, Gou Bu Xian Jia Pin], which is why when Sanyu says this it’s half-jokingly and half-seriously, in a more playful manner. The original saying can be translated to roughly mean “a child doesn’t think his mother’s ugly, a dog doesn’t think his home is poor.” I personally feel that you can read this phrase in many ways but generally it’s understood in the direction of “there’s more important things in life.” Don’t be superficial, be loyal, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. The origin of this saying actually dates back to the Song Dynasty during which the high monk Shi Fancong wrote in his Ninety-three Gathas:
(I don’t fully understand it and trying to translate it ties my brain in knots so I’m just leaving it… )


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